October Meeting

Stephen Yeo

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The Man who Saved MI6

Helen Fry

Thursday 26 October
7.30 pm at Stephens House


Helen Fry told us the story of Thomas Joseph Kendrick, one of the most senior spymasters of the British Secret Intelligence Service in the 20th century. He was placed in Vienna as the British passport officer, but this was a cover for his true role in running spy networks into Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Italy and Nazi Germany for SIS / MI6. During the Second World War he worked behind the scenes, heading one of the most important intelligence operations that shortened the war. Helen’s talk, based on her recent book Spymaster: The Man who Saved MI6, brought Kendrick out of the shadows and enabled his true legacy to be appreciated.

Dr Fry has written over 25 books, primarily on the social history of WWII and espionage. She is an ambassador for the Museum of Military Intelligence.  “The Walls Have Ears”, her talk to the Society in 2020, described the intelligence operation in Trent Park that tricked Hitler’s generals into giving away vital secrets.

The meeting took place at Stephens (Avenue) House, 17 East End Road, Finchley N3 3QE  and began at 7.30 pm.