• Photogenic Finchley
    You can see the winning entries in our photography competition on Flickr
  • Don't Lose Your Way
    On 26 April Roger Chapman will describe work underway to ensure Finchley's historic paths are officially recognized
  • Arks, Whalebones and Other Developments
    On 29 March Robin Bishop recounted the history of the Barnet Society, its current activities and concerns
  • A New War Memorial in Finchley
    Plans are underway to build a new war memorial in the grounds of Finchley Memorial Hospital
  • Hawthorn Dene
    In February Frank Kelsall told us about its history and the campaign to preserve it
  • North Finchley Post Office
    There was a public meeting on 31 January to discuss the proposals to move the Post Office.
  • 25 January
    David Oliviere and Harriet Copperman talked about setting up the charity, and the early years of serving the local community before the hospice building opened
  • Master Plan for Victoria Park
    Barnet will engage a consultant to develop a master plan for the future of Victoria Park.