The Walls Have Ears: World War 2 in Trent Park


WW2 in Trent Park
Dr Helen Fry
2:30 Thursday
30 January




Dr Helen Fry described the elaborate and brilliant World War II intelligence operation which tricked Hitler’s generals into giving away vital Nazi secrets.

Dr Fry has written over 25 books, primarily on the social history of WWII and espionage. She is an ambassador for Museum of Military Intelligence and a founding Trustee of the Trent Park Museum Trust. Her latest World War II  book is “The Walls Have Ears”.

In this astonishing history, Helen Fry uncovers the inner workings of the bugging operation. On arrival at stately-homes like Trent Park, Latimer House and Wilton Park, high ranking German Generals and commanders were given a phoney interrogation, then treated as guests, wined and dined at exclusive clubs, and encouraged to talk. And so it was that the Allies got access to some of Hitler’s most closely guarded secrets – and from those most entrusted to protect them.

The meeting took place at Avenue House, located in Stephens House and Gardens, 17 East End Road, Finchley N3 3QE. It began at 7.30 pm.