From Long Lane to Dollis Valley:
A Circular Walk Through
Finchley Central

Finchley demonstrates a far wider variety of scenery than you might ever imagine. On this walk, created by Finchley Society members Barry and Sue Blain, you will see a range of houses: grand Edwardian mansions, terraced houses constructed between the wars, and expensive modern piles. You will find yourself taking unexpected pathways between houses, alongside open countryside, and along Dollis Brook. There are also detours that are also worth investigating, either during the walk or at another time.

You can view the route here.

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This circular walk through the busy suburb of Finchley Central can be done in one four-mile stretch or in two circular walks, each about two miles in length. The walk is is surprisingly quiet and free of traffic, but please remember to look up from the guide / map (or your phone) when crossing streets!

If you would like to follow the walk using a printed guide, you can download:

If you prefer to follow the walk using your smartphone, you can download the route in GPX format or in KML format.* You can use these files to re-create the route in one of the many mapping programs available, for example Google Maps, Open Street Map, or ViewRanger.

*Click on the “share” icon on the left of the map above, and scroll down to the “Download Data” section. Choose the format you prefer (GPX or KML) and then click the “Download data” button.