North Finchley Town Centre – Update


North Finchley
Town Centre


Feedback from the consultations so far [28 March]: You can find a summary of the detailed and useful feedback from everyone who attended the workshops and walkabouts run by Regal (the developer) on the website. The feedback received so far details the strengths and weaknesss of the town centre, and the local community’s aspirations and ideas for improving the area. You can download a snapshot of the feedback here, and download the exhibition boards setting out the context for the regeneration here.

Creative Placemaking Engagement [23 March]: Barnet Council has launched a project to work with the local community to identify and celebrate North Finchley’s many riches, build local pride, and encourage more people to visit the town centre. Community engagement is at the heart of this project, and at this early stage the Council are looking for ideas on, for example:

  • What local amenities, routes, heritage assets and community destinations need to be better signposted and celebrated within the town centre.
  • Creative ways you and local groups would like to activate the town centre.
  • What a North Finchley Town Centre graphic identity must celebrate and communicate to the community and visitors.
  • What a town centre website needs to include to help connect people with local businesses.

Visit the North Finchley Town Centre website or telephone 020 8088 1880 to:

  • Give your views in an online survey (closes midnight Sunday 27 March)
  • Register to take part in creative workshops that will take place in April
  • Join the mailing list for future updates.

Dedicated Council webpage for North Finchley Town Centre [23 March]: Barnet Council also have their own dedicated webpage for the Town Centre on the Council’s website here. The page features a set of Frequently Asked Questions about the North Finchley Town Centre, compiled by Barnet Council. These FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions relating to North Finchley Town Centre and, specifically, the work Barnet Council is leading with the community and partners to support regeneration.