Treasures from the Archives

Stephen Yeo

Treasures from the Archives
Alison Sharpe

7.30 Thursday
April 25
at Stephens House

An opportunity to explore the many treasures from the Finchley Society Archives. Normally stored in the former servants’ room in the basement of Stephen’s House, a selection of key documents and artefacts were brought upstairs. Members could find out more about this fascinating collection, learn how they can continue to support the work of the Archive and how the Archive can support the wider role of the Finchley Society.

Since the summer of 2022, Alison Sharpe has been looking after the Finchley Society Archives. Her love for local history was sparked by her enthusiastic History teacher, who told exciting tales of Barnet and didn’t believe in exams! As part of her degree, she studied Historical Geography and wrote dissertations on historical change of Finchley High Road and how to use IT to map local history with primary pupils. Whilst teaching locally, she was responsible for History and Geography which included setting up a school museum and researching the school’s history for an anniversary publication and celebrations. More recently, she has enjoyed researching her family’s history, discovering many new relatives with tales to tell!

The meeting took place at Stephens (Avenue) House, 17 East End Road, Finchley N3 3QE. It began at 7.30 pm.

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