Arks, Whalebones and Other Developments


Arks, Whalebones and Other Developments
An Introduction to the Barnet Society

Robin Bishop

8 pm Thursday
29 March


Robin Bishop will introduce The Barnet Society. He will recount some of the Society’s history and outline its current activities and concerns. There will be ample time allowed for discussion and reflection on the similarities and differences between the Barnet and the Finchley Societies.

Robin Bishop is Chairman of the Barnet Society and has lived in Barnet since 1995. He is an architect, former teacher of art and architectural history, and an active member of the Victorian and 20th Century Societies.

The meeting will take place at Avenue House, located in Stephens House and Gardens, 17 East End Road, Finchley N3 3QE. It will begin at 8.00 pm, with a break for refreshments.