Our Environment and Transport Committee

Preserving our local environment: The Environment and Transport Committee looks at issues that include the many aspects of climate change and sustainability; air quality, active travel including walking, cycling, public transport and traffic in general; recycling, pollution, graffiti, litter; and the care, wellbeing and preservation of trees, green spaces, hedges and water courses. We inform the Council of pot-holes and damaged pavements, litter, missing and damaged trees and abandoned cars.

Local pavements, roads and transport: We are concerned with the condition of roads, pavements and the pedestrian environment. We encourage the relevant authorities to provide a high standard and maintenance of pavements, roads and local transport: we look at issues that include walking, cycling, traffic circulation, parking and the convenience of the services for the public. Peter Hale, then a member of the Committee (and now its Chair), spoke about the pedestrian environment in Barnet at our October 2015 meeting. Interestingly, years later, many of the problems highlighted still persist and in some cases are even worse. You can view and listen to his presentation here.

Local wildlife: We act to stimulate interest in and preserve local wildlife and wildlife habitats. We keep a watch on all the green spaces in Finchley and Friern Barnet for any unlawful development or damage, record the wildlife in these spaces and notify the Council.

Environment Awareness Certificates: We keep an eye out for environmental improvements large and small and award certificates to deserving local schemes. You can nominate those responsible for improving the environment in Finchley and Friern Barnet.

Can You Help? We monitor and attend relevant Council meetings including Environment and Climate Change Committee and East Area Committee. We need help from local residents to report anything of environmental concern which takes place on their patch. Please send an email to environmentandtransport@finchleysociety.org.uk.

If you are concerned about the state of pavements in your neighbourhood, you can report damaged or dangerous pavements to Barnet Council here.