Report on the Proposals to Develop Finchley Central


Finchley Society Report
on the proposals to
Develop Finchley Central

The Finchley Society has now reported on the plans put forward by Transport for London and Taylor Wimpey for the development of Finchley Central. The Society’s Planning Committee and its Environment and Transport Committee attended workshops held by TFL, in addition to attending the public exhibition held in January 2020. The Planning Committee then collated the comments of the two Committees and submitted a detailed, seven-page report on the proposed development as part of the public consultation on the proposals.

The Society noted that the plans for Finchley Central (as well as the new London Plan) adopt a design-based approach (rather than the traditional density calculation) to determine the amount of homes and other uses that the site can accommodate. As a result it is essential, the Society argues, that all aspects of the design are considered to ensure that good place making ensues and that the development benefits the greater community, providing good quality environment and homes to live for decades to come. The Society therefore assessed the plans in a structured way, taking into account all aspects of the design and using the criteria suggested by Bartlett School of Planning, the Place Alliance and the CPRE in their recent audit of Housing Scheme designs across England.

Please read the complete report here.