North Finchley Partnership Board


North Finchley Partnership Board

The Partnership Board is finally up and running!

The impetus for the Board was the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), adopted in 2018, which sets out the framework for the proposed economic and environmental regeneration of North Finchley Town Centre. For various reasons though, the Board has only recently been able to start work.

The objective of this working group is to be involved and engaged in the regeneration of North Finchley Town Centre, speaking on behalf of the local community and representing their views. Anyone living and/or working in North Finchley could apply to join the Board, which, after the selection process, includes representatives from the local community, as well as the developers, local Councillors and Barnet Council. The Finchley Society representative is Lynn Bresler, our Vice Chair and a North Finchley resident for many years.

The Board’s aim is to help make the area more welcoming and a more vibrant place in which to live, work and play,  including the public realm (placemaking, wayfinding and graphics identity) and to comment, etc. on the proposed redevelopments of the built environment. The views of the wider community are an essential component, and you can get involved by visiting the North Finchley Town Centre website. There you can comment on what you like/don’t like about North Finchley, say what you think will make the area a better place for you, and subscribe to project news. In due course, there will also be a physical and regular presence on the High Road (probably in one of the empty shops), and other visual means of engaging the local community.