From Wood to Enclosure: Finchley Origins Part I


From Wood to Enclosure
Finchley Origins Part I
Hugh Petrie
7.30 pm Thursday
25 April 2019

One of our members recently suggested we have a talk about the ‘origins’ of Finchley.  Hugh Petrie, Barnet’s Heritage Development Officer, has over the years been one of our regular and inspirational speakers and knows more about the topic than anyone. He readily agreed to speak, but felt there was enough material for two talks. So he will present “Origins Part II” in November. The two talks provide an overview of the history of Finchley from around the Conquest to about 1965.

Hugh’s first talk on April 25th considered the changing shape of Finchley from a Saxon and medieval woodland economy to the clearance of those woods to form a common, the various settlements that appeared in that period, and the eventual enclosure of the common up to 1860. The talk will include pictures and maps.

Hugh Petrie was brought up in Finchley, where he still lives with his wife and family. He went to Christ’s College and graduated in history from the University of Northumberland and Essex University. He has written a number of local histories, and has been Heritage Development Officer for Barnet for 20 years.

The meeting will take place at Avenue House, located in Stephens House and Gardens, 17 East End Road, Finchley N3 3QE. The meeting will begin at 7.30 pm.

Note: Our evening meetings now start at 7.30 pm instead of 8.00 pm.

Reminder: The Society is supporting a local food bank. Please bring a non-perishable item to the meeting and we will deliver it to the food bank.