Brookdene – Public Hearing on October 25 2016


WildlifeBrookdene – Public Hearing

Over the past year the Finchley Society and the London Wildlife Trust have been engaged in a battle against a redevelopment proposal for Brookdene, an undistinguished group of flats almost opposite St. Barnabas Church in Holden Road. You can find our more about the development here.

We do not object to some redevelopment of the site, but what is proposed is too big and too dense, and would be very damaging to the land between the present buildings and the brook. This land was retained in public ownership when the flats were built, and has become a haven for wildlife. On two occasions Council officers have recommended approval of the proposals, but Councillors have refused it.

The developer is now appealing, and there was a public hearing on 25 October in Hendon Town Hall. The Society and the Trust were represented, and supported the refusal.

We have now been advised that the appeal against the Council’s refusal of permission for the development was dismissed.

Peter Pickering