We’re Back


We’re back in Stephens (Avenue) House!

After more than eighteen months’ absence due to covid restrictions we will be holding our next meeting live in Stephens (Avenue) House, on Thursday 28th October at 7.30 pm.

But if you are unable to join us in the Drawing Room, don’t worry! We will be Zooming the meeting live from Stephens (Avenue) House and you will be able to follow us and join in with questions and comments, just as you have been doing since April 2020.

So for our new friends in America, Scotland, Devon and all the other places around the world where members have been joining us remotely since lockdown, we are not saying “Au revoir” we’re saying “See you on the 28th”. And for all those who have not been able to join us online we’re saying “Hello and welcome back, we’ve missed you.”