A New Community Garden at Finchley Central Station
Clearing Day
Sunday January 13

Energy Garden is a non-profit organisation working with local people to create community gardens across the station platforms of London. They are have begun redeveloping the garden on platform 3 of Finchley Central Station. The first step was clearing the space for the garden, which took place on Sunday 13th January. Volunteers helped pull up paving slabs, weeds and excess plants from 10am until 4pm. Tea and tools were provided.

The next step will be to think about what to plant and where. You can download more information here, or you can contact Energy Garden at info@repowering.org.uk

Update: The next gardening session will take place on Thursday 21st February. This is during half term: the session will be family friendly and open to all members of the public. High visibility wear, gardening gloves, tools, plants and biscuits will be provided. We may no longer have access to the tea-making facilities, so bring water and maybe a Thermos!