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Finchley and Friern Barnet Green Spaces List

The Society is keeping a list of green spaces (excluding private gardens) which make a contribution to the natural environment. Below is a list of the main ones. If you learn that any of these are threatened in any way please let us know. Equally, please let us know of any significant areas that are not on our list. (PA = public access, BI = Borough importance, LI = local importance)

Name PostCode Location Type Comment Pub
Avenue House Grounds N3 East End Road Park/Gdn LI Listed PA
Barfield Allotments N20 Barfield Avenue, Oakleigh Rd N Allotment    
Barfield Allotments Nature Park N20 Barfield Avenue, Oakleigh Rd N   LI  
Baxendale Lake N20 Baxendale, High Rd Whetstone      
Bethune Park & Playing Field N20 Manor Drive     PA
Big & Little Woods NW11 Denman Drive Woodland BI PA
Bishop Douglass Playing Field N2 Hamilton Road Playing Fld    
Bow Lane Playing Field N3 Bow Lane      
Brent Way Allotments N3 Brent Way Allotment    
British Legion Downway N12 Downway, Summers Lane      
Brook Farm (North) Allotments N20 1503 High Road Allotment    
Brook Farm (South) Allotments N20 opposite Black Bull, 1446 High Rd Allotment    
Brook Farm Open Space N20 Totteridge La/High Rd Whetstone     PA
Brookland/CC Playing Field N2 Brookland Rise Playing Fld    
Chalgrove School N3 Chalgrove Gardens School    
Charter Way Garden N3 Charter Way, Regents Pk Road     PA
Cherry Tree Hill Allotments N2 Cherry Tree Hill, Gt North Rd Allotment    
Cherry Tree Wood N2 High Road East Finchley Park/Wood LI PA
Christ's College Grounds N2 East End Road School    
Christ's College Playing Field N3 Lyndhurst Gardens Playing Fld    
College Farm N3 Fitzalan Road City Farm LI  
Compton School Field N12 Summers Lane Playing Fld    
Coppetts Close Triangle N12 A406,/Nursery Approach (over bridge) Green Area    
Coppetts Open Space (Green Link) N12 A406,/Nursery Approach Green Area    
Coppetts Road Allotments N10 Junction with Trott Road Allotment    
Coppetts Wood Nature Reserve N12 Nursery Approach/Colney Hatch Lane Woodland BI PA
Coppetts Wood Sch Playing Fld N10 Coppetts Road Playing Fld    
Crescent Way Open Space N12 Crescent Way     PA
Denison Close N2 Ossulton Way Green Area   PA
Dollis Brook N20/N12 Upper Section   BI Grd 1 PA
Dollis Brook N12/N3 Lower Section   BI Grd 2 PA
East Finchley Allotments N2 Plane Tree Walk, High Rd EF Allotment    
East Finchley Cemetery N2 East End Road Cemetery LI PA
Edmunds Walk Green N2 Edmunds Walk Green Space   PA
Elmshurst/Church Lane Area N2 East End Road Green Space   PA
Finchley Cricket Club N3 East End Road Playing Fld    
Finchley Golf Course NW7 Frith Lane Golf Course    
Finchley Manor Allotments NW11 Brookland Rise Allotment    
Finchley Memorial Hospital Gdn N12 Granville Road Park/Gdn    
Finchley Village Green N3 Village Road Green Space   PA
Finchley Way Open Space N3 Finchley Way Green Space   PA
Font Hills Embankment NCR N2 Font Hills Wasteland    
Friary Park (Ruffins Brook) N12 Friary Road Park/Gdn LI PA
Friern Bridge Retail Park N11 Poplar Grove Green Space   PA
Fuel Lands Allotments N2 High Road East Finchley Allotment    
Garden Of Hope N2/N3 East End Road Park   PA
Glebeland Allotments N12 Downway, Summers Lane Allotment    
Glebelands Local Nature Reserve N12 High Rd N Finchley/Legion Way Green Space BI PA
Gordon Road Allotments N3 Gordon Road Allotment    
Green Square N3 Briarfield/Rosemary Ave Wasteland    
Halliwick Recreation Ground N10 Coppetts Road     PA
Hampstead Golf Course (Part) N2 Winnington Road Golf Course    
Hatley Close Allotments N11 Hatley Close, Friern Barnet la Allotment    
Hilton Avenue Playing Field N12 Hilton Ave, Woodhouse Rd Playing Fld    
Holy Trinity Church Yard N2 Church Lane Cemetery   PA
Long Lane Pasture N3 Long Lane Green Space    
Lovers Walk N3 Lovers Walk, Ballards Lane Wasteland   PA
Lyttelton Playing Field N2 Kingsley Way Playing Fld   PA
Manor Cottages Embankment N2 Manor Cottages Approach     PA
Manor Park Road N2 Manor Park Road (by nos ???) Green Area   PA
Manorside School Pond N3 Squires Lane      
Martin Schools Playing Field N2 Plane Tree Walk, High Rd EF Playing Fld    
Moat Crescent Verge N3 Moat Cres, Basing Way     PA
Moss Hall School Pond & P Field N3 Nether St/Moss Hall Grove      
Mutton Brook N2/NW11       PA
Nethercourt Avenue N3 Nethercourt Avenue Allotment    
North Middlesex Golf Course N20 Friern Barnet Lane Golf Course Ponds BI 2  
Northern Line Embankments N2/N3/N20   Wasteland BI G2  
Northside School Pond N12 Albert Street, Lodge Lane      
Oak Lodge School N2 Heath View Playing Fld    
Ossulton Way N2 Opposite Ludlow Way Green Area   PA
Our Lady of Lourdes School Pond N3 Bow Lane      
Dme Alice Owen Open Space N20 Chandos Avenue      
Pentland Lake N3 Squires Lane   LI  
Pointalls Allotments N3 Adj 215 Squires Lane Allotment    
Princes Park N11 Friern Barnet Road Park/Gdn    
Rathbone Allotments N20 Ryalls Close Oakleigh Rd N Allotment    
Simmons Way Allotments N20 Simmons Way Allotment    
South Friern Sch Playing Field N11 Bethune Avenue Playing Fld    
St James' Church Yard N20 Friary Road Cemetery   PA
St Mary's Church Yard N3 Hendon Lane Cemetery   PA
St Marys Green N2 Off Thomas More Way Green Area   PA
St Mary's Sch Nature Area, Pond N3 Dollis Park      
St Pancras & Islington Cemetery N2 High Road East Finchley Cemetery   PA
St Theresa's School N3 East End Road      
Stanley Road Playing Field N2 Stanley Road Playing Fld    
Sternberg Centre N3 East End Road      
Summerside Sch Field & Pond N12 Cross Way Playing Fld    
Swan Lane Open Space N20 High Road Whetstone Green Space   PA
Tarling Road Field N2 Oak Lane end Scrub   ?
The Crescent Allotments N11 The Crescent Allotment    
The Finches N2 New Oak Road Green Area   PA
The Green N2 Park Road/Market Place Green Area   PA
To be investigated N10 Cromell Road Scrub    
Trott Road South N10 Trott Road Scrub    
Tudor School Pond N3 Queens Road School    
Turners Wood NW11 Wildwood Road Woodland    
Vale Farm Allotments N2 Tarling Road Allotment    
Victoria Park N3 Ballards Lane Park/Gdn   PA
Whetstone Stray N20 Laurel Way/Totteridge Lane Green Space   PA
Whetstone Stray Allotments N12 Holden Road Allotment    
Wilf Slack Memorial Ground N3 East End Road Playing Fld    
Windsor Open Space N3 Windsor Road Green Space   PA
Woodhouse Allotments N12 Grove Road/Warnham Road Allotment    
Woodhouse College N12 Woodhouse Road School    

Derek Warren

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